Dubois County is a place with a rich, authentic history.

We’re growing.

We see how great it is and how much greater it can be.

We want to celebrate what we have and not only dream but work toward a bright future.

Our story started with the hard-working Germans.

We are influenced by our past, our travels, our education, our friends, our family, our successes, our failures.

But at the heart of who we are and where we’re going is “Always Indiana.”

Our shirts are intended to be fun, lighthearted, and a celebration of the communities we love.

Meet Courtney

Not too many people can say they are literally 100% German and Catholic, but as a fifth and sixth generation Dubois County-an, I am.  I recognize that this isn’t the only story of people who call it home now.  And I love the chance to embrace that because it is what is making us even more awesome!  These shirts celebrate our authentic history while helping us update our story to better reflect the growing place we are today.

Meet Josh

I didn’t grow up in Indiana. I moved here for love. My wife and I have started our family here and my interest in creating Always Indiana is to celebrate this area that, if I’m being honest, doesn’t get the respect it deserves. There are a number of opportunities in business, to be in nature, culturally and more. We need to celebrate our past, our present and our future! Always Indiana is my way to do that.